Irish pork firm completes major traceability investment
Published:  21 October, 2014

Irish pork supplier Oakpark Foods, which supplies bacon and pork products to the UK, will complete a £2.4m (€3m) investment at its Cahir Co, Tipperary site.

The company, which exports 46% of its products, will install a new traceability system designed by DATOS Professional Solutions, which covers all processes in the factory, Oakpark Foods reported.

The DATOS system “provides a seamless, constant flow of information ensuring that customers get the right product, to the correct specification, at the correct price and on time.

It will greatly enhance the accuracy of information and make a huge contribution to efficiency in the plant,” Oakpark noted.

The investment has doubled employment numbers in the company, which will take on another 10 people over the Christmas period.

David Brett, general manager, Oakpark Foods, added: “Our policy is to maximise the efficiency of our factory, so that we can compete with leading international players both domestically and internationally. Our future plans are to continue to grow the company, aiming for higher market shares in both Ireland and the UK, with an increased emphasis on value-added products.”