Franklins hosts annual goose walk
Published:  23 October, 2014

One Bedfordshire goose farm has opened its doors for the British Goose Producers’ (BGP’s) annual walk.

Franklins farm in Thorncote Green, owned by John Franklin, chairman of the BGP, hosted almost 100 guests from the UK and Ireland to take a look at the “mixed livestock enterprise” situated there.

Franklins farm has been rearing geese for Christmas for the past 27 years and now boasts 500 geese for retail sale and a flock of 40 egg-laying geese.

Members of the BGP were joined by students from two agriculture colleges and local people for the walk around the farm and farm-shop business, which now hosts a butchery on site. “With the opening of a butchery 10 years ago, the farm shop has become a flourishing seven-days–a-week business, retailing, as well as the geese, Aberdeen Angus cross beef, lamb, pork, turkeys, ducks and chickens. Half of the 200 acres provides grass while the other land grows cereals for milling into animal feed,” said the BGP.