Eblex targets students with lamb campaign
Published:  29 October, 2014

With the new term under way, Eblex is aiming to get more university students cooking with lamb, using its ‘LambSoc’ campaign.

The organisation has set up the student-style online society, which aims to give 18- to 25-year-olds the skills and confidence to make the most of lamb.

The LambSoc online community was launched in July, and Eblex said it has already attracted nearly 8,000 people to it through online channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, growing by 130%.

Zhenya Dewfield, Eblex digital product manager, said: “As the term goes on, we want to amplify the message about the benefits of lamb through a greater volume of activity. Students will be treated to more video content featuring well-known personalities, as well as competitions to cultivate a larger, loyal audience to generate further positive discussion around lamb.”

Seeking to raise the profile of lamb as an exciting meal option and highlighting the benefits of cooking with it, LambSoc teamed up with fashion model Ruth Crilly and YouTube personality Louis Cole to produce cooking tutorials. Eblex wants to obtain 20,000 likes on Facebook and 500,000 video views for the campaign.