Parliament to debate religious slaughter
Published:  30 October, 2014

A debate on religious slaughter is to be held in parliament next week, following an All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) report.

The debate is to be held on 4 November 2014 and will be headed up by Neil Parish MP and chairman of the APPG for beef and lamb. The debate will be centred around the nine recommendations made in the APPG report ‘Meat Slaughtered in Accordance with Religious Rites’.

Alongside labelling for meat slaughtered according to religious methods, the report also identified other areas that required more research, such as the measurement of pain in animals at the time of slaughter and demonstrating the recoverability of certain stunning methods to reassure religious communities that they are compatible with their religious requirements.

The report, based on evidence from industry experts – including Shechita UK, the Halal Food Authority, veterinary professionals, farming minister George Eustice and the European Commission, is designed to help “MPs, industry, government officials and NGOs take a more balanced and evidence-based approach to policy-making”, according to a government statement.