Radio station runs contest to coincide with British Sausage Week
Published:  05 November, 2014

Radio station XFM Manchester is running a sausage competition throughout British Sausage Week, which will see winners receive their height in sausages.

XFM Manchester has teamed up with its resident meat expert and butcher, Lee Horsely Frost, to run the competition daily until the end of sausage week on Friday.

Frost, who co-presents Meat of the Week every Friday morning on the radio station has created a special British Sausage Week sausage, with fresh pork, dry-cured pancetta and Bury black pudding. The winner, who answers the most correct sausage-related questions each morning will be invited to receive their own height in the special sausage.

“The guy who won it this morning was 6ft 2”, so I’ve got to go and prepare a lot of sausages before he pops down to the shop,” Frost told Meatinfo.co.uk.

Tim from the XFM breakfast show said it has been a success: “It’s gone really well, Lee is a bit of a fixture on the show now and the past few years we have celebrated British Sausage Week in different capacities. Everyone loves a sausage and it is a funny food, for obvious, in the past we have played the game ‘how big is Tim’s sausage’”.

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