Blog points to social media benefits
Published:  05 November, 2014

In our latest blog post sausage expert and managing director of Westaways Sausages Charles Baughan talks about the importance of an online business.

Talk of online trading is everywhere at the moment, including at our Autumn Bakers’ & Butchers’ Fair, when Stefan Porter from online butcher’s Meat Porter highlighted its benefits. In his blog, Baughan emphasised how good social media management, search engine optimisation (how to increase visits to your website), and a user-friendly site had changed Westaways Sausages.

Baughan, who personally manages the company’s Twitter site, which has over 1,000 followers, said he has generated business through using social media and highlighted how it provides inspiration for the company, while he is able to respond to requests quickly.

“We follow an eclectic group of people that helps feed our imagination, but the real benefit is that we can respond immediately (depending on time zones) to any messages, and it shows we are real people, who actually care passionately about the products we make.”

You can read Baughan’s blog here.