US cutting methods to be shown at Eblex conference
Published:  03 December, 2014

Adopting new US cutting methods could help British processors and butchers maximise carcases, according to Eblex.

Professor Chris Calkins, from the University of Nebraska, will show delegates at the Eblex processor conference the results of new cutting methods in the US that have helped to maximise carcase yield and utilise the forequarter.

It follows mock United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)-style inspections, which Eblex will carry out on British processors to prepare the industry for possible trade with the US.

Dr Phil Hadley, Eblex head of supply chain development, said: “New cut development and encouraging full carcase utilisation to help maximise returns are cornerstones of Eblex’s work with the supply chain. Meat quality improvements remain a constant goal in maintaining and developing the reputation for English beef and lamb.

“The conference will give delegates a useful insight into what has been happening in this field in the US and Australia, as well as the opportunity to discuss other key industry issues and hear about our ongoing work.”

Processors will also hear from Michael Crowley, regional manager Europe & Russia for Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), who will talk about the development of Meat Standards Australia – a beef and sheep meat eating quality initiative.