PETA urges EC to remove foie gras from festive fare
Published:  04 December, 2014

Animal welfare group PETA has appealed to the President of the European Commission to remove foie gras from its festive menu, after it was revealed that the duck and goose liver product would be served to MEPs for their Christmas meal.

The Evening Standard and Daily Mail, among others, reported that European politicians will feast on dishes such as lobster, truffles and foie gras, “subsidised by British taxpayers”. However it was the welfare of the ingredients rather than the subsidisation that has caused PETA to protest, with the organisation asking for the “vile” foie gras to be taken off the Parliament’s Christmas offer.

PETA stated: “The scientific consensus on force-feeding is crystal clear: it’s cruel and should be banned. Every animal-protection organisation in the world condemns the production of foie gras. The EU Scientific Committee on Animal Health and Animal Welfare has catalogued a long list of ways in which foie gras production is inherently abusive.”

The organisation has written an urgent letter to the Commission, asking for a “compassionate and rational” decision to be made on the subject. It has also called on politicians to boycott the Parliament restaurant to stop it from serving foie gras.

It added: “Given the fact that ramming metal pipes down birds’ throats in order to force-feed them huge amounts of grain to induce a swollen and diseased liver would be illegal in most EU countries, it’s an outrage that this vile product would be served in the EU Parliament, so we are urging MEPs to refuse to dine in the Parliament restaurant until foie gras is removed from the menu.”