Pork processor introduces online initiative
Published:  08 December, 2014

Tulip has launched a new “online community” to engage with its consumers and provide real-time insights for both the business and its customers.

The pork producer said its marketing team has created a virtual village community called the Weekly Market, “where an initial 1,000 participants are encouraged to talk about food, share their opinions and participate in surveys and discussion forums”.

Sonia Armanet, senior category marketing manager at Tulip, said: “Our online community will help us gain a much greater understanding of consumer purchasing behaviours, which we can use in partnership with our customers to help shape our future consumer strategy.

“We are the first business in our category to launch such an innovative approach to insights, which we will use in informing all our key customers, in real time, on the evolving needs of shoppers and consumers, which is especially important in this rapidly changing marketplace.”

Tulip hopes to gain understanding from the portal on topics relevant to consumers of fresh and cooked meat. There are also facilities to carry out polls, and host live consumer groups and online concept and product testing.

Armanet added: “The site has been designed to be informative and engaging and is based around a village setting to give a feel of being part of a real community. Members have been selected to be representative of the UK population and we have plans to significantly increase the number of contributors over the next 12 months.”