Infographic: Christmas food and drink spend set to rise, but patterns to change
Published:  09 December, 2014

Spending on Christmas food and drink is set to grow this year, but shoppers will spread their purchases across a number of stores, with less emphasis on one large trip, according to food researcher IGD.

The company forecast that spending will be worth £20bn this year, representing growth of 1.2% year on year.

Joanne Denney-Finch, IGD chief executive, explained that consumers will also be shopping around more: “Even at Christmas, shoppers are still looking for ways to help manage their finances. As we’ve seen over the rest of this year, the big weekly shop is in decline – and this is no different at Christmas.

“Only three out of 10 (27%) shoppers are planning to do a ‘big Christmas shop’, as most people are intending to spread their shopping across a number of grocery formats and trips, with just over half (52%) of them preferring to use a number of different stores and many of them doing so to secure the best prices. They are prepared to put the effort in to get the best products from a diverse range of stores, which is why a quarter (25%) of shoppers tell us they are going to ‘cherry pick’.”

Discounters and online channels are set to do good business, with the former’s share of the market set to be £1.5bn, and the latter £1bn.

Denney-Finch added: We’re expecting food discounters to be the fastest-growing part of the UK grocery market this Christmas... Seven out of 10 (67%) shoppers tell us they’re going to use them, and 6% of these people say they don’t normally shop there, but will try them this festive period.

“Half of shoppers (46%) are planning to buy some of their festive food and groceries online. This is being helped with more click-and-collect options available this year, including transport hubs, and more people paying for online subscription delivery passes.”