Fitness website slashes fresh turkey price
Published:  18 December, 2014

Fitness food website MuscleFood.com is offering affordable fresh turkeys for the festive market for only £9.

MuscleFood.com reported the turkeys weigh 3.2kg, coming in at a just £2.81/kg, which it says is suitable for a family of four to five people.

The website confirmed the turkeys are supplied from a farm in Italy.

Darren Beale from MuscleFood.com said: “Turkey is a must on the festive table and a fresh bird is certainly a lot more appealing than the frozen alternative.
“However, we understand that not everyone can afford to buy a fresh turkey at Christmas on top of everything else they shell out for.
“That’s why we’ve slashed the price to just £9. That price matches the cheapest frozen alternative and is plenty to feed an average family.
“We offer consumers choice and, by cutting the price of our turkey, we’re giving them the opportunity to buy fresh, rather than frozen, for exactly the same price.
“It’ll also gives shoppers the chance to taste the difference between a fresh and frozen bird.”