Asda launches female farming group
Published:  22 December, 2014

Asda has launched a Womens Farming Discussion Group as part of a ongoing strategy to promote British farming.

The supermarket said it want to provide a platform “for like-minded business women” to discuss industry issues, share experiences and learn new skills.

Announcing the new group Asda’s agricultural manager Pearce Hughes, said the group aims to enable women to gain a better understanding of market trends, new products and latest technologies through visits to leading Asda farms and suppliers

Hughes added: “Women have always been a key part of the British farming industry, but for many years their role has been largely unrecognised.

“Today many of the leading farmers are women and we at Asda feel it is important to recognise and promote this. Farming is an industry in need of fresh new talent and women have an increasingly important role to play in feeding the nation.”

Milly Wastie, former chairman of the National Federation of Young Farmers Clubs welcommed the move and Asda’s owners, Walmart’s commitment to gender equality: “The Asda Womens Farming Discussion Group also ties in with WalMart’s global Women’s Economic Empowerment strategy, which has a number of key goals, including increasing sourcing from women-owned business, empowering nearly 1m women through training and promoting diversity and inclusion within our merchandising and professional services suppliers