Meat body urges farmers to clip lambs at the final hour
Published:  23 December, 2014

With changeable weather forecast in coming weeks, Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales (HCC) has urged farmers to ensure lambs are clipped and clean when sent to the abattoir.

HCC said abattoirs and the industry in general face increased costs if lambs are dirty. It added that with more wet and wintery weather on the way, dirty lambs face the possibility of being kept until the following day for slaughter in abattoirs, and in more serious cases be deemed unfit for human consumption and condemned.

Luned Evans, HCC’s industry development officer, said they must be clipped at the final hour: “If lambs are clipped and then returned to a field before being transported to an abattoir, it is naturally unavoidable at this time of year for them to be covered in dirt again. This is especially true for lambs finished on roots.

“It is always worth remembering that a clipping service is offered at all major abattoirs which is very helpful and handy for farmers struggling with facilities or time.”