Steak (R)evolution makes UK film debut
Published:  09 January, 2015

Last night saw the UK debut of Steak (R)evolution - a film about a man’s quest to find the perfect steak, and the cattle who made it.

Directed by Franck Ribière, it is also produced by British steak fan and French butcher Yves Marie Le Bourdonnec, who features in the film.

Ribière spent two years travelling around the world, speaking to restaurateurs, chefs, butchers and cattle breeders about what makes the perfect steak.

One particular breeder in Japan plays Mozart to his cattle all day long to keep them calm, and massages sake into them to help with improve the marbling of fat in the meat.

Another in Spain picks his cattle based on their personality and characteristics rather than a particular breed.

The film also looks at the difference grass or grain fed cattle makes to the final taste and structure of the steak.

Ribière said all the people he met, from Argentina to Sweden had something in common - they were passionate about what they do, but also suffer from the negative image meat has.

He said that the aim of his film is to enable viewers to learn about meat, and mainly about good meat.