Meat products shine at awards
Published:  23 January, 2015

Meat products have topped the list of most popular items in the consumer-voted Product of the Year Awards.

Asda’s Butcher’s Selection Chicken in a Bag won the food category group and its Butcher’s Selection Roast Beef in a Tray also performed well.

The consumer survey also noted Knorr Flavour Pots proved popular in this year’s awards.

The awards, which is the largest of its kind, have been running for 28 years and this year reported convenience products and on-the-go solutions proved the most popular with consumers.

Mike Nolan, CEO at Product of the Year, said: “Innovation comes in many forms and, at Product of the Year, we’ve seen the FMCG sector pushing the boundaries of function, design and packaging further than ever for 2015. However, building trust in new products is vital to success. The seal of approval truly does set winners apart in a crowded marketplace and consumers report that they are 86% more likely to buy a winning item. This badge of trust leads Product of the Year winners across the globe to report more than a 10-15% average sales increase following their win.”

Colin Moyer, UK head of innovation and product development at the research company TNS, added: “This is the largest consumer vote on new products in the UK and helps to provide guidance to fellow consumers in what can often be an overwhelming and overcrowded market. Congratulations to all those who have been awarded Product of the Year 2015.”