Tulip reduces salt for Danepak bacon
Published:  27 January, 2015

Tulip has revealed its Danepak bacon will contain 30% less salt than normal bacon as the result of a new curing process.

The curing process uses Iposol, produced by IPOSOL GMBH, a solution of water and sea salt which replaces traditional salt. Tulip has hailed the process as an “industry first”, ensuring the same eating quality as before.

The new line will appear on supermarket shelves next week containing the “same great taste, 30% less salt” logo.

Tulip’s senior brand & licensing manager Simon Harrington commented on the launch: “For over 40 years Danepak bacon has been loved by households across the UK. The reduction of its salt content by a staggering 30% will mean that consumers looking for a tasty treat can rely on Danepak’s ability to deliver on quality and taste while offering a healthier alternative to standard bacon.

“Our unique curing process is an industry first and we are incredibly excited by the additional sales opportunities that our newly developed technology will offer our retail and foodservice customers over the coming months.

New salt guidelines due to come into force in 2017 exclude bacon, which will remain 2.88g salt or 1,150mg sodium (processing average).

The 30% less salt Danepak range of back bacon rashers will initially be available in Tesco, The Co-operative and Booths stores from early February 2015.