Eblex adds video news and ‘ask’ feature to web
Published:  06 February, 2015

Beef and sheep levy board Eblex has launched a monthly online news round-up video, “which reports the latest industry news and market information in a short, easily-digestible form”.

The new digital offering, Beef and Lamb Bitesize, is keen to make use of smartphone and tablet technology and offers an ‘Ask Eblex’ feature.

Eblex said: “Farmers simply send in a video of them asking their question, and the appropriate team will offer a filmed response. Questions could be about practical on-farm issues, the Better Returns Programme, findings from Eblex research and development projects or industry best-practice.”

Beef and Lamb Bitesize, available through the organisation’s online video channel Eblex TV, also provides a news round-up, a ‘Markets in a Minute’ feature, and insights.
Ben Coates, Eblex media officer, said: “Beef and Lamb Bitesize promises to be a useful industry resource, where viewers can get up-to-date news and information in just a few minutes. Not only can people watch it on their smartphones, tablet or laptops, but they can also use those devices to record and submit a short video question for inclusion in a future edition.”

The Bitesize launch follows news that an Eblex mobile app is being developed, which will provide videos and other content to users on the move. It is due to go live in late February.

‘Ask Eblex’ question videos can be emailed to communications@eblex.ahdb.org.uk. Alternatively a link to the video, if it is hosted anywhere else online, (YouTube etc) can be emailed to the same address.