Bpex seeks to woo younger consumers to pork
Published:  06 February, 2015

Bpex wants to reach out to younger consumers through a new £2m television marketing campaign for pulled pork.

The campaign aims to persuade young people to try cooking pulled pork by showing how easy it is to cook.

The TV adverts will hit the screens in April and will be followed up with a second ‘burst’ of adverts later in the year.

Bpex reported very few young people were eating very little fresh pork at home, as meat remains very popular with the over-60s age group.

Kirsty Walker, head of marketing at Bpex, said: “The TV campaign marks a significant investment by Bpex aimed at making fresh pork more relevant to today’s younger consumers.    

“Extensive research led us to focus on ‘pulled pork’, a dish that is popular among younger consumers, a target group we urgently need to engage with. Already appearing on many pub and restaurant menus, we want consumers, especially 24- to 55-year-olds, to try ‘pulled pork’ at home as this is a great dish to ‘reintroduce’ them to pork.

“As well as inspiring consumers to try more pork, we are working with processor and retail partners to ensure the whole supply chain benefits from the campaign. Pulled pork is a dish that is relevant all year round, as a family meal or for a bigger get-together.

“Sales of fresh pork over the past decade have been flat or in decline and this problem is going to worsen if we don’t reach out to younger consumers. This is an issue that affects the whole pig industry and I’m delighted that the processors and the retailers have got behind the campaign and are investing in it themselves, making it an industry-wide, integrated campaign. Changing consumer perceptions about pork will take time, but we are confident that rejuvenating the image of pork, starting with pulled pork, will add value to the supply chain.”