Yorkshire meat company plays key role in Clarkson “fracas”
Published:  13 March, 2015

Catering butcher’s the Yorkshire Dales Meat Company (YDMC) was at the centre of the Jeremy Clarkson debacle, as it was the lack of availability of one of its sirloin steaks that caused the alleged fracas.

The Top Gear presenter arrived too late at the Simonstone Hall Hotel in Hawes to order a YDMC steak, since the kitchen was closed. It was this that reportedly led to the alleged tussle between Clarkson and his producer. Clarkson was supposedly angry that no hot food had been arranged for his arrival.

James Knox, managing director of YDMC, said: “Though we of course do not wish to comment on the fracas itself and know that the Simonstone Hall kitchen had to close when it did, we do understand why Mr Clarkson would be so keen to enjoy one of our sirloin steaks.

“Tender and full of flavour, real steak enthusiasts hold sirloin steaks in the highest esteem, especially when that sirloin is sourced locally and aged to perfection as ours are. Our traditionally matured sirloin goes down a treat with professional kitchens across the north of England.

“We’re led to believe that Simonstone Hall attempted to cool tensions by agreeing to cook Mr Clarkson one of our sirloin steaks despite the kitchen having closed. If that’s the case, we very much hope he enjoyed it!”