Halal butcher extends burgers with upmarket range
Published:  20 March, 2015

Halal specialist KQF Meats has extended its ‘Exotique’ offering with a new range of spiced quarter-pounder burgers.

The new products, to be launched tomorrow (21 March 2015), on the KQF website, include Thai, Moroccan, South African, Portuguese Piri Piri and Mexican flavours.

“The Exotique range is aimed squarely at customers who are looking for convenience foods at the luxury end of the market,” explained KQF managing director Faruk Vali.

“The burgers are considerably larger than usual and they contain 90% lean beef. We’ve developed them for consumers who want something really satisfying for special family occasions, and for professional caterers who want to differentiate themselves on the basis of size, quality and flavour,” Vali said.

The Exotique range was originally designed for the export market and has proved popular in France and other European countries. “European consumers have a preference for milder flavours, so although the Exotique burgers and kebabs are based on authentic Indian recipes, they deliver less chilli heat,” KQF explained.

The move also coincides with the launch of KQF’s Jumbo range of quarter-pounders. This combines KQF’s existing Texan burgers with a new ‘Great British’ range.

Weighing 110g each, the burgers are available in beef, chicken and lamb.

The Exotique products round out the KQF burger range, as Vali explained: “With the launch of the Exotique and Jumbo ranges, we can now offer burger-lovers an end-to-end selection, starting with the standard 55g family size Classic. Above that, we have the 80g Chunky burger, the 110g Jumbo and the 220g Exotique at the top end.”