Clarification: IFA DNA testing
Published:  24 March, 2015

Following Meatinfo’s story on an Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) pork DNA testing scheme, the IFA has asked us to clarify our story.

Our original story reported on McConnon Meats, which claimed its business had been adversely affected by IFA testing. However, in a letter to Meatinfo.co.uk, an IFA spokesperson said: “The IFA did not carry out a test on the company that you identify in your article. We did NOT issue any finding and we did not make any public statement on this test.”

The testing on McConnon Meats was administrated by Musgraves supermarket group and compared with the IFA boar database.

The IFA has claimed that its DNA Certification Programme “is robust and the results gathered from samples are published based on agreed protocols. The agreed interpretation and action to be taken on results is based on finding four to five matches out of five samples.”

The IFA works with IdentiGen which it says “is a leading provider of DNA-based traceability and verification programmes”. The National DNA Certification Programme for Irish pigmeat utilises DNA TraceBack.