Charcuterie firm launches innovative cures
Published:  27 March, 2015

The founder of a Bristol-based artisan charcuterie business is looking to redefine British cured meats with a new range of innovative products.

Castellano’s presented a number of new products at London ExCeL’s IFE show, using ingredients like piccalilli, beetroot and nettles.

Expert butcher, chef and charcutier Vincent Castellano moved to Bristol in the 1980s before starting up his own deli. He produces continental classics such as chorizo, salami and bresaola, but is also trying to take a more British approach to cured meats. The company presented new salami sausage flavours, including nettle and smoked water, heritage tomato, beetroot and piccalilli.

Speaking with his new range from Castellano’s stall at IFE, he told MTJ: “I want to be one of the pioneers who is defining British charcuterie. I’m very self-critical, so it’s great to hear that people love it; the response has been amazing, it has exceeded all expectations.”

Castellano explained that charcuterie has become very popular in the UK: “It’s like cheese here 30 years ago; you could buy cheddar, cheddar or cheddar. Nowadays it’s all changed and there are many varieties available, all of which are excellent.”

The company told MTJ that, much to its surprise, it has even received interest from importers in Italy and Spain, from where many of the world’s famous charcuterie comes. “They want the excellent animal welfare and quality that comes with British pork.”