Banker-turned-butcher opens Manchester city centre outlet
Published:  10 April, 2015

A former banker has opened an artisan butcher’s shop in Manchester’s city centre.

Steven Pilkington received a £50,000 loan to open The Butcher’s Quarter shop on the site of a former butcher’s on Manchester’s Tib Street, in the city’s Northern Quarter.

Pilkington said Manchester’s city centre was lacking a traditional butcher’s shop.

“For years, Manchester city centre has been missing a traditional butcher’s shop where people can buy fresh quality meat, find out where it came from, get advice on different cuts and how best to cook and serve it. People today really want to know the origins of their meat and how it has been prepared and that is exactly what the Butcher’s Quarter is able to do with our focus on quality and traceability and the skills of our butchers,” he said.

Despite his banker credentials, Pilkington comes from a family of butchers with grandparents who owned a shop in Accrington.

The Butcher’s Quarter sells a range of premium meats, burgers and cooked meats, speciality sausages, deli products, ready meals as well as deli products like wine and cheese. All of The Butcher’s Quarter meat is sourced locally from north-west farms.

Paul Breen, director of Business Finance Solutions, which granted the loan, said: “Steven typifies a real trend that we are seeing with start-ups at the moment as more and more people decide to follow their business dream and access the support that is out there to enable them to change direction in their career completely.

“Steven knows the Northern Quarter area of Manchester well and has seen a number of artisan and specialist businesses set up and flourish here. The quality and diversity of his business model, coupled with the finance and the practical support that we have worked closely with him to provide, put him in a great position to start, build and grow his business over many years to come.”