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Published:  01 August, 2006

Graham Burroughs' ham slicer is an integral part of his business. His dry-cured hams, which he started making earlier in the year because of the popularity of Parma ham at the local market, are selling well. "They're very popular," he says. "They've really taken off."

Of the 24 hams he set to cure in the cellar four months ago, 16 whole hams are already sold and will be ready for the Christmas market. His shop, Jesse Smith and Co, in Marlborough, Wiltshire is one of five sister shops and, as well as the dry-cured hams, Graham sells boiled ham and honey roast ham, the latter made by baking the ham with mustard, sugar and cloves in the oven.

Selling 40 hams a week means the Bizerba SE12 ham slicer is in constant use. "We couldn't live without it," says Graham, who paid around £2,000 for the machine two years ago. "The old machine was ancient. The new slicer is a modern piece of equipment with loads of safety features and is easy to use."

He chose the machine out of loyalty to the brand. "Bizerba has looked after us for years. It's a good company," he

says. "It is very reliable and it

has definitely been an investment."

Graham Burroughs