Bill Gates issues pro-meat blog
Published:  28 April, 2015

Former vegetarian and billionaire Bill Gates has backed meat production in his latest blog post, stating you can eat meat and still be environmentally friendly.

With a swathe of reports concluding meat production is bad for the environment, the Microsoft man has gone against the tide, explaining that the impact of meat production may have been overstated.

As an example, using some of Vaclav Smil’s work, author of Should We Eat Meat?, Gates questioned the belief that raising animals for food required a lot of water.

Gates said: “One study that excluded green water found that it takes just 44 litres — not thousands — to produce a kilo of beef.”

Meanwhile, defending meat consumption, Gates wrote on his blog: “How can we make enough meat without destroying the planet? One solution would be to ask the biggest carnivores (Americans and others) to cut back, by as much as half. Although it might be possible to get people in richer countries to eat less or shift toward less-intensive meat, such as chicken, I don’t think it’s realistic to expect large numbers of people to make drastic reductions. Evolution turned us into omnivores.”

Gates also revealed he had invested in “some companies” researching meat substitutes, which he believes has potential.