Get the right reputation
Published:  18 August, 2006

Metal detection and separation plays an important role in food production, and effective equipment keeps both food and the manfacturer's reputation safe.

German company S+S has recently installed its Unicon metal separators in an Austrian poultry factory, Hubers Landhendl, which produces both individual portions such as legs and fillets, as well as products such as poultry sausages and meat loaves.

The Unicon metal detection system is at the end of the packing line and S+S claim its system has been very effective.

Unicon machines can be individually calibrated for each product's density and properties. The product profile is then held in memory and adjusts to the contents of each pallet of meat.

When metal is detected, a pusher diverts the rejected box onto a separate conveyor without any disruption to the process. Authorised personnel can then access the pallet and ensure products stay free of metal.?