ABP Food Group subsidiary wins sustainability award
Published:  05 May, 2015

The renewable energy division of the ABP Food Group, Olleco, has won an award at the Guardian Sustainable Business Awards.

Olleco, the largest organic waste collector in the UK, won the Waste category for its “innovative biodiesel plant”, powered by the outputs of anaerobic digestion, at the Guardian awards.

The company reuses the waste produced by the plant to make cooking oils and fats. This means that some customers can now run their fleets on the same oil they cooked their chips in, Olleco reported.

Adam Baisley, commercial director at Olleco, commented on the award: “Here at Olleco, and indeed ABP, we are passionate about driving technology to generate tangible solutions for our customers and the wider industry. This truly industry-leading recycling centre is revolutionising food waste across the food manufacturing, catering and hospitality sectors, and is already used by a number of major national customers to run their distribution fleets. It’s excellent to see this commitment recognised by those in the know.”

Olleco celebrated the win at its new recycling facility in Liverpool. Baisley added: “Our recycling facility in Liverpool cleverly uses the waste food we collect to produce renewable heat and power, which in turn – via our conversion technology – generates first-class biodiesel that constantly meets the strict EU specification (EN 14214) from the used oils and fats we collect. It’s a great example of a successful circular economic model; the final product saves more than 95% greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil fuels – providing all industry sectors across the UK with an opportunity to embrace a sustainable and cost-effective fuel.”

ABP Food Group’s sustainability agenda is called ‘Doing More With Less’, which encompasses the group’s targets for reductions in carbon output, water and energy usage as well as waste going to landfill.