More work for pig producers under COOL
Published:  22 May, 2015

New EU rules on country of origin labelling mean pig producers will now have to answer some extra questions on the electronic pig movement service, eAML2. 

The rules will apply to all producers sending pigs to slaughter and the changes mean the origin of the pigs will have to be declared. The questions cover the origin of the pig, its age and weight, plus whether there has been movement between farms.

“This is not a major change but does mean producers will have to answer some extra questions to comply with the EU rules,” said BPEX head of technical Andrew Knowles.

“This change will come into effect on 25 May so producers, livestock markets and processors need to be aware that it is coming. This new information will be passed to the destination abattoir or farmer so they are aware of the origin of the pigs in the consignment.”