Importance of halal recognised by AHDB
Published:  24 June, 2015

Red meat levy body AHDB Beef & Lamb has produced a new facts booklet, highlighting the importance of halal and the value it adds to the UK sheep market. 

The aim of the report is to provide information on what products the Muslim community look for, as well as to give an insight into the size of the halal market in the UK and overseas. Additionally, the booklet details significant statistics and the opportunities presented in UK and export markets.

It is part of AHDB Beef & Lamb’s efforts to draw attention to the position of the halal sector in the wider meat and beef industry.

“Halal adds value to the sheep sector, in particular, and increasingly presents opportunities for the cattle sector,” explained Dr Phil Hadley, head of supply chain business development at AHDB Beef & Lamb.

Speaking of the relevance to halal in the lamb sector, he continued: “We were keen to take a proactive approach in highlighting the role it has to play. Our Halal Meat Facts booklet provides a quick and easy reference guide to the size of the market and what products it demands, as well as signposting some of AHDB’s support materials for industry professionals.”

By supporting halal products, AHDB Beef & Lamb aims to “help maximise the potential” that halal has on the meat market.

“Ultimately, the halal sector presents a valuable and growing market opportunity, which UK producers and processors can benefit from,” added Hadley.

The booklet is due to be made available in hard copy at the Birmingham Eid Mela Festival on 16 August.