Musclefood.com supplies healthy barbecue menu
Published:  26 June, 2015

A new variety of unconventional barbecue foods aims to offer a healthy alternative.  

The non-traditional range, delivered by Musclefood.com, is designed to provide consumers with exotic meat with a lower fat content and calorie count, while maintaining a high level of protein than the standard barbecue favourites.

“Top of our barbecue menu are reindeer sausages, which are low in fat and packed with protein, and chicken rather than beef burgers. Swordfish loins are a great replacement for steak and add variety to the menu,” explained Darren Beale, founder of Musclefood.com.

The company said their extra-lean reindeer sausages in a wholemeal protein bap contains 390.6 calories, compared to 420 calories found in a pork sausage and white bun. Meanwhile, their swordfish loin contains 167 calories, as opposed to 240 calories found in a standard sirloin steak.

Well-balanced diet

Keeping fit isn’t necessarily about working out, but also consuming a healthy amount of high-protein food, according to Musclefood.com. Beale said: “A well-balanced diet will include exotic meats like ostrich, llama and reindeer and will also include treats like crisps, cookies and ice cream.”

The barbecue range already has celebrity backing. Welsh athlete Iwan Thomas and TV personality Jonathan Ross are among famous names that have shown their support by posting images on their social media accounts.

“Seasonal treats like barbecues shouldn’t be missed out on just because you’re following a strict eating regime,” continued Beale. “Instead, traditional fare can be replaced with healthier alternatives. As well as being better for you, it’ll make the barbecue a lot more interesting for your guests.”