Young Australian butcher to learn from Europe’s best
Published:  20 July, 2015

Byron Allsopp, of Wilsonton Meats in Queensland, has won the opportunity to travel to Europe to work alongside the continent’s finest butchers. 

Allsopp was awarded the gold medal for retail butchery at the 2014 WorldSkills Australia National Competition, as well as the Queensland Overseas Foundation Scholarship, which will allow him the freedom to work in a country of his choice.

The young butcher will head to Europe at the end of the month, where his first stop will be with Bradwell Butchery in Norfolk.

“I feel very passionate about helping this young man, who is literally uprooting himself and travelling half way around the world to further his knowledge in the butchery trade for up to two years. For him to make his way to the Bradwell Butchery as first port of call, I am extremely proud to say our reputation has gone global,” said Andrew Edmonds of Bradwell Butchery.

Allsopp will stay with Bradwell Butchery for one month before gaining experience with other butchers, with the possibility of returning to the Norfolk shop later on in his travels.

Edmonds continued: “I have offered him a place to work in my shop for one month, but I am also helping hum find other placements within the Q Guild organisation, of which I am the regional chairman.”