US products inspire new Ginsters launches
Published:  20 July, 2015

UK savoury pastry brand Ginsters is to launch new limited-edition products over the summer months. 

Inspired by the increasingly popular American-styled meat products, Buffalo Chicken and Fajita Beef sandwiches will be available for a limited time during the summer period.

Despite being inspired by food trends in the US, the sandwiches are thoroughly British.

The Buffalo Chicken sandwich is made using British chicken in a Buffalo wing sauce, accompanied by a cool ranch-style mayonnaise and mixed leaves, served on malted grain bread.

Similarly, the Fajita Beef is created using fajita-spiced British beef with three-chilli sauce, a tomato relish and cool mayonnaise, topped with grated mature cheddar cheese and mixed leaves, also served on malted grain bread.

“Our consumers always tell us they look forward to our limited editions as it adds interest, excitement and the chance to taste different flavours,” said Ginsters sales and marketing director Linda Evans.

“Often, the flavours are so popular they become part of the core range. Our latest limited editions reflect the flavour trends at the moment and they are aimed at existing Ginsters fans and consumers looking for something special to trial over the summer months.”

Alongside the sandwiches, two limited-edition savoury pastries will be hitting the shelves.

Continuing the American barbecue theme, a Pulled Pork Slice will soon be seen in stores. The pastry consists of British pork in a rich onion gravy, with pork and thyme stuffing, a touch of wholegrain mustard, wrapped in a puff pastry case and baked.

The second product is a Steak & Cornish Blue Cheese Pasty, produced using locally sourced Cornish Blue Cheese, British beef, potato, onion, mature cheddar cheese and cracked black pepper, enclosed in a light puff pastry.

Evans explained the decision to introduce these products: “Pulled pork has seen a surge in popularity in both the food-to-go and prepared meals category, while the Steak & Cornish Blue Cheese Pasty reflects our commitment to using the best-quality locally sourced produce.”

“As a brand, we are committed to using only the very best quality British and authentic ingredients in our sandwiches to deliver the products that Ginsters consumers know and love.”