NFUS urges Scotch Lamb backing
Published:  27 July, 2015

Scotland’s sheep producers are urging consumers to get behind Scotch Lamb. 

The National Farmers Union for Scotland (NFUS) said producers were enduring their worst season for five years, brought on by the weakening euro, falling exports and declining prices.

The NFUS said that, at this time last year, it was estimated that around 60% of the retail price was making its way back to the farmgate. However, farmers were receiving 20% less for their lambs and the proportion of retail value coming back was now less than 50%.

NFUS president Allan Bowie said: “There isn’t a sector in Scotland at the moment that isn’t toiling on market returns or costs, and for the country’s 12,000 sheep-keepers, it is now or never if we are to turn this season around.

“In the wake of currency fluctuations and challenging export trade, home consumption is key and farmers are keen to play their part. It is also inherent that the retail and processing parts of the lamb food chain deliver a fair share of the returns back to the farmgate if our producers are to have the confidence to continue producing this fantastic product in the future.”