Fine dining restaurant to offer in-house aged meats
Published:  30 July, 2015

London-based Crocker’s Folly is reinventing the traditional pub experience with its own aged meats, produced on the premises, served in historic surroundings. 

Company chairman Marouf Abouzaki, explained why the establishment was combining high-end dining with the familiarity of Britain’s much-loved pub environment. “Brits are still infatuated with the idea of the traditional pub, but they also want an experience that’s on a par with contemporary dining expectations,” said Abouzaki.

“Crocker’s Folly blends the two concepts to create a unique establishment that’s luxurious and high-end, yet still nods to the cultural appeal of the traditional pub.”

Whereas several restaurants import aged meat, Crocker’s Folly ages its products on-site. All their cuts are matured in a purpose-built ageing unit, under a humidity and temperature-controlled chamber designed especially for the ageing process.

The meat sourced for the ageing process is very much British. Breeds include Angus, British Isles and Hereford – three of the country’s most sought-after classes.

Customers have the freedom of choosing from a range of high-quality cuts cooked in the Crocker’s Folly kitchen. Popular dishes range from beef tenderloin, chateaubriand, aged sirloin, rib-eye and rack of lamb.

Additionally, diners are able to enjoy a meat board that changes daily.

Due to the in-house meat ager, different cuts can be matured depending on different requirements. Sirloins and rib-eyes are matured for a minimum of 32 days, which is carried out over three stages. Once each stage is complete, the cut needs to pass the chef’s quality check before it can make its way onto the menu.