Butcher closes due to E.Coli outbreak
Published:  03 August, 2015

A butcher’s shop in Teeside has closed following a food poisoning outbreak. 

Public Health England (PHE) said that Robinson’s branch in Billingham had agreed to a voluntary closure order after 15 people were found to have the E. coli infection.

Two affected children and two adults remain in hospital. Two other children previously in hospital have been discharged and are recovering at home, according to PHE.

The Robinson’s branch in Wingate has remained open.

PHE said many sufferers had bought cooked meat from the shops and it is urging customers to throw away frozen meat bought in the shops.

PHE said as a precaution people are advised not to eat any ready-to-eat food they have bought from Robinson’s butcher in Billingham and to throw out any they may still have in their fridge or freezer.