Halal slaughterhouse reportedly goes into administration
Published:  17 August, 2015

A halal slaughterhouse in Yorkshire, specialising in lamb, has reportedly gone into administration. The news comes six months after footage was released showing animals being abused by staff at the abattoir. 

Undercover recordings conducted by charity Animal Aid apparently showed staff at Bowood Yorkshire Lamb repeatedly abusing the animals. The disturbing footage revealed employees kicking sheep in the face, smashing them into solid objects headfirst and being thrown around by their fleeces, throats and ears.

According to halal code, the animal should not see the knife or witness the death of any other animals. Their death should be administrated in one clean swipe. However, the distressing clips appear to show the code being broken. In one instance, it took five attempts to sever the blood vessels of a sheep.

“The lesson of Bowood, and the secret filming that Animal Aid has been undertaking since 2009, is that CCTV, with proper independent monitoring of footage, is an absolute priority for all UK slaughterhouses,” said Animal Aid director Andrew Tyler.

“The regulatory and political authorities have delayed for too long. The comprehensive evidence we have presented makes it clear that cameras will have a significantly beneficial effect. There must be no further delay in requiring their mandatory installation.”

The Yorkshire slaughterhouse was the 10th to be filmed by the charity in the last six years and the first to demonstrate non-stun halal slaughter.