New Danepak social media campaign targets bacon lovers
Published:  24 August, 2015

Launched by creative advertising agency isobel, and backed by Danepak, The Serious Bacon Club is a new social media campaign targeted at lovers of bacon. 

The marketing push comes before Danepak undergoes a new above-the-line brand launch, fronted by the Danish founder of The Serious Bacon Club, Morten.

The first action from the group is an in-house produced movie called ‘Welcome to the Serious Bacon Club’, and features a series of bacon-lovers demonstrating their passion for the product.

“Early on we knew the creative idea was strong enough to be expressed in different ways on different platforms,” explained John Hobson, head of content at isobel.

“The Serious Bacon Club provides our long-term consumer relationship and we will hear lots more from Morten in the future.”