Boozy bangers for Scottish butcher
Published:  02 September, 2015

A family butchers in Scotland is reaching out to a younger audience after developing a Jägermeister and Red Bull infused sausage.  

Aberdeen-based H&S Milne & Sons started producing the sausages just last Tuesday, although Kenny Milne from the butcher’s admitted that he could not take all the credit. “We didn’t actually come up with it,” he said. “A young lad here had seen a butcher in Lossiemouth doing it and he came in and said ‘you’ve got to try these’.”

After posting the innovative sausages on Facebook on the Tuesday, they had reached approximately 13,000 views by Wednesday.

However, the unusual flavouring may not be to everybody’s taste.

“Sales have been good, but a bit tentative,” explained Milne. “People have been buying them in threes and fours and sixes to try them rather than getting a pound of sausages like they normally would.”

Despite some people’s uncertainty, the business as a whole has reaped its reward for the daring flavours. Milne said: “Sausage sales increased last week as a result.” The increased footfall followed on to the next week.

Although they may not be to everybody’s taste, H&S Milne is confident they will find favour and are continuing with production.