Study shows customers value taste in lamb
Published:  04 September, 2015

Taste is the main reason people purchase lamb, new research has revealed. 

AHDB Beef & Lamb commissioned the research, presented in a Cutting Edge special report called, ‘Lamb it’s the taste – naturally’ to help understand what consumers want from their lamb.

“Our research confirmed that lamb is regarded by consumers as the tastiest of red meats,” said Mike Whittemore, head of trade marketing for AHDB Beef & Lamb.

“We believe that presenting shoppers with the right products to suit their needs could stimulate demand and reverse the recent decline in consumption.”

Other key areas that have been recognised as important to the sector are developing innovative ideas to aid in the revival of the meat and to “inspire confidence through quality and consistency”.

The report is aimed to inform retailers on what motivates lamb consumption and to assist in merchandising the meat. It demonstrates how a demand for new cuts is vital in driving growth back into the category.

The levy board highlighted that although consumers are often prepared to pay more for their lamb, it often comes under scrutiny due to a perceived lack of versatility.

However, AHDB Beef & Lamb’s study showed that cuts such as the Lamb Cannon and the Lamb 3-Bone Rack were popular among customers and have the potential to add value to the market.

Whittemore added: “We believe these two cuts have huge potential; getting them onto supermarket shelves is one important step, but so, too, is getting the quality and consistency of the product right. We have used modern butchery techniques to produce these – and other lamb cuts in our range – with the objective of enhancing consumer confidence in the protein and encouraging repeat purchase.”