Chicken McNugget origins explained
Published:  02 October, 2015

Leading fast food chain McDonald’s has launched a new campaign that aims to educate the public about its famous chicken nuggets.

Leo Burnett London and OMD UK developed the campaign, which follows in the footsteps of ‘The Cow’ that was launched earlier in the year.

The products haven’t always had a positive reputation. In the past, the ambiguity over the origins of McDonald's meat products has been highlighted in the media.

However, the firm wants to make it clear that there should be no negative stigma surrounding the product. McDonald’s claim that the chicken that goes into their chicken nuggets is produced 100% from chicken breast meat. According to its website, its chicken is sourced from many countries, including the UK, Netherlands, France, Thailand and Brazil.

Under a heading ‘Where do McDonald’s source their chicken?’ the company explained: “The chickens from these countries are reared and audited to farm assurance standards, which are in place to maintain high animal health and welfare. This means that care of the animals is to the same high standards no matter which country the chicken is reared in. All of the chicken used in our menu choices is traceable right back to the farms on which the birds were reared.”

The new online video shows a mum being shown the process of how the McNugget is formed, from the early stages in the factory to when they are being cooked in the restaurant.