Sainsbury’s extends lamb season to January
Published:  07 October, 2015

Sainsbury’s has committed to extend its British lamb season until at least January 2016. According to the retailer, the decision is designed to help make the most of the increased availability of stock this season while reassuring its farmers affected by low prices. 

Philip Hambling, agriculture manager at Sainsbury’s, said: “It continues to be a good year for British lamb supply, so as part of our British commitment we are making plans to source as much high-quality lamb as possible into the New Year. We hope this gives our sheep farmers confidence in what has been a difficult year for lamb sales, and of course still provide our customers great quality and value.”

The supermarket will be working with its farmers in the Sainsbury’s Lamb Development Group (SLDG) to counteract the decline in availability and quality that sometimes occurs in the new year. It is confident it will have enough quality British lamb to extend its ‘by Sainsbury’s’ British lamb range well into January 2016.

It will be bolstering its lamb offering with some New Zealand stock. “Our aim is to optimise our British offer while securing availability for customers with support from New Zealand product during peak demand.”

According to the latest AHDB Lamb Watch, 98% of Sainsbury’s lamb facings in August were British, up from 54% in June.