Gloucester beef firm believes rugby-inspired burger is scrum-my
Published:  13 October, 2015

Gloucester Born Beef has partnered with its local rugby team to launch The Gloucester Burger, made from the UK’s rarest breed, to celebrate the town being a World Cup match venue.

The product is endorsed by Gloucester Rugby team’s players and developed to a recipe by their performance chef, Will Carvalho. They will be sold at all home matches at the newly installed Beef Shed and supplied to both bricks-and-mortar and online retailers across the UK.

The burgers are made of 100% Pedigree Gloucester Beef and every one carries a provenance code that tells the story of the animal it came from, from birth to plate.

“Kingsholm’s unique atmosphere and legendary fan base has put Gloucester on the world map,” explained Mike Turner, commercial manager at Gloucester Rugby. “However, we are aware this is in part because of the support of many local rural communities whom we are keen to help.

“We believe The Gloucester Burger will put Gloucester on the culinary map, and give another reason for the county to be proud.”   

Gloucester Born Beef was set up by Gloucestershire farmers Clifford Freeman of Redmarley and Matthew Rymer of Apperley.

It aims to make The Gloucester Vale home to the UK’s finest beef by applying a unique creed to breeding, slow rearing, slaughtering, hanging and butchering, supported with totally transparent traceability.

The partnership would enable rugby fans to pre-order local farmers’ farm fresh meat online to collect at Kingsholm matches at preferential rates, said Gloucester Born Beef.

In addition, a Gloucester Rugby Burger mobile retail unit is available to cater for community events across the county.