Targeted butcher thanks supporters
Published:  28 October, 2015

A butcher whose business was targeted by vegan protestors over the past fortnight has thanked those who have supported him. 

Sam Deeson of Pork & Co in Canterbury, Kent, was the target of protestors who were against the display of a pig in the shop window, which was incorrectly described as a suckling pig by local press. The error attracted more protestors to the store, who accused the small business owner of being “evil incarnate” and compared what they believed he was doing to the Holocaust. Threats against Deeson’s life were also made online.

The protests eventually attracted supporters of the store, who highlighted the fact that the shop served free-range pork.

Deeson said: “I am adamantly against suckling pigs and I am also passionate about the way the animals are kept. The pig in the window is there for educational purposes, so children and adults can learn about what it is they are eating. What we try to do is educate our customers. I could very easily buy cheap meat and make more profit from it, but I don’t because I care about where food comes from.

“I don’t get why they are targeting my business and giving us abuse online when we care about our quality of meat and what we stock.”

He thanked those who came out in support for his business. “People care about where their food is from and that’s why they like eating at Pork & Co,” added Deeson. “It’s really nice to see I have so much support from the community here.”