New Debbie & Andrew’s campaign details sausage expertise
Published:  02 November, 2015

Debbie & Andrew’s has launched a new campaign outlining everything it takes to make a great sausage. 

Timed to coincide with British Sausage Week (2-8 November), the campaign will be fronted by TV presenter and street food champion Andy Bates and features a series of online video blogs that follow the development of a brand new sausage through Debbie & Andrew’s production process and then explains each of the quality initiatives taken to produce market-leading pork sausages.

The campaign hopes to illustrate the expertise needed in meat selection, the care required in preparing the meat to get the right texture and the skill needed to balance the seasoning to perfectly reflect the flavour of the meat. It also reveals how the best ingredients are chosen and what steps are necessary to ensure the product maintains its flavour and quality right through the distribution and retail process.

Ian Bagnall, spokesman for Debbie & Andrew’s, said: “The aim is to increase consumer awareness of the time, skill and quality ingredients needed to make the best sausages, so they can make informed shopping decisions. We don’t expect an immediate response, but we do think it is the right time to start and move the spotlight back onto quality and help create new customers for our retailers.”

Debbie & Andrew’s previously ran the ‘#makemysausage’ challenge through social media and in print. The challenge was promoted online and across leading consumer titles such as Olive, Eat In, Bella and Eating and Living Gluten Free.

It gave consumers the chance to engage in and influence the development of a brand new sausage and received more than 2,000 entries. The winning ‘#makemysausage’ flavour was curried chicken, mango and coriander from Kathryn G of Lancashire. Chicken marks a new area for the brand and the videos follow the creation of the new product.