Cheshire firm relives past
Published:  11 January, 2007

A photographic scene of a butcher's shop was re-created 100 years on to help celebrate the 150th anniversary of Taylor's Butcher's in Cheshire.

The photograph was found by shop owner Frank Taylor during the recent refurbishment of the shop.

Frank runs the business with son, Sam, who said the photo showed the shop when it was owned by his great great uncle, David Albany Green Halgh.

Sam said his great grandfather bought the shop from David and it had been passed down through the family generations ever since.

Frank, who represents the fifth generation of his family to run the business in Sale Moor, said: "We still work in the traditional way, as my ancestors would have done 100 years ago, using time-honoured butchering skills and sourcing meat from local farmers, so we feel our Victorian predecessors would be proud."

Lamb carcases and a full body of beef were hung outside the shop, just as was depicted in the original photograph and customers had the chance to try hot chestnuts from a Victorian chestnut stand and admire a horse and cart, the delivery mode used at the time of the old photograph.

During the special day, held at the end of November, more than 100 local primary school children from four schools visited the shop and Clarissa Dickson-Wright was also present to sign copies of her new book The Sunday Roast.