Beef and lamb get television support
Published:  12 November, 2015

Beef and lamb are due to receive a television marketing push in the form of a 30-second advertisement. 

The ‘Midweek Mini-Roast’ television campaign, created by AHDB Beef & Lamb, is set to make a return to the small screen after originally airing last year. Its aim is to promote Quality Standard Mark (QSM) and Red Tractor beef and lamb mini roasts in the middle of the week.

It will run for the next six weeks and have a strong presence on social media, as a part of the long-term strategic plan for beef and lamb promotion.

“Today’s consumers have time-squeezed busy lives, but our target audience also have the desire to cook themselves a tasty and nutritious meal when they get home from work,” explained Jane Ritchie-Smith, AHDB Beef & Lamb’s head of consumer marketing.

“Beef and lamb roasts are a positive emotional pleasure that consumers enjoy and, with the midweek mini-roast, people can have that experience with very little hands-on time in the kitchen.”

The advert was first aired this year on Monday 2 November and will appear nationally over a range of television channels with the hope of encouraging consumers to buy and cook a mini-roast during the course of the week. It is scheduled to feature in between some of the nation’s favourite television shows, including Gogglebox, Coronation Street, The X Factor and I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here.

“With this year’s campaign we are placing our adverts in front of consumers at those key times of the week when they are considering what to eat for their midweek evening meal,” added Ritchie-Smith.

“Our ads will appear as a gentle nudge prior to when people do their midweek shop, or at the weekend for those organised individuals who like to plan their meals for the week ahead.”

The strategic plan to promote beef and lamb also includes the LambSoc campaign, which targets the 18- to 25-year-old audience, as well as the EU Lamb Campaign, which encourages consumers to benefit from lamb’s versatility and simplicity in the kitchen.