Shoreditch restaurant talks turkey
Published:  16 November, 2015

A restaurant is to open in London’s Shoreditch in spring 2016 that will be devoted to serving turkey. 

Strut & Cluck will serve dishes inspired by Eastern Mediterranean cooking, with turkey served alongside seasonal ingredients.

Its free-range turkeys are sourced from farms in East Anglia where their diet is mostly made up of cereals grown at the farms.

They will be marinated for 24 hours with Eastern Mediterranean flavours, then slow-cooked, giving the meat a distinctive flavour and “fall off the bone” tenderness. After adding the spices the food will be cooked in a charcoal oven.

Co-founders Amir and Limor Chen are using turkey as the main ingredient for the restaurant due to its health benefits, including B vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Dishes served at the restaurant will include Josper-Grilled Turkey Drumstick marinated in the family spice blend with roasted vegetables & herbs, tahini, pomegranate molasses and schug and slow-roast turkey thigh on a bed of caramelised red onions and sweet potatoes.