Teamwork core to success, says Welsh red meat body
Published:  24 November, 2015

The supply chain has been called on to work together to promote PGI branded Welsh Lamb products.

It is pivotal for supermarkets to play their part in supporting the products, said Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales’ (HCC) chairman Dai Davies at the Welsh red meat body’s conference.

“For a sustainable and profitable future for all, every part of the supply chain must deliver for Wales,” said Davies. “Farmers, processors – and retailers. It is vital that our local butcher’s shops and, crucially, our supermarket outlets step up to the plate and stock, promote and sell our PGI branded products.

“We understand the nature of the global marketplace and how it can affect commodity prices – but an underlying belief must be that a fair price for all is essential for long-term stability.”

Davies continued to tell the Llandrindod Wells conference that bringing the industry together was at the core of HCC. “From the smallest farm to the biggest retailer, HCC’s role is to unite the red meat supply chain, to make more of the whole than the individual can deliver alone.

“HCC can draw on tremendous expertise from across the supply chain. It is the industry’s knowledge house, its strategic home. HCC is the industry’s umbrella, it is farming’s family.”

In addition, the chairman highlighted that the industry had been damaged by recent global factors. He recognised the value of the euro and the New Zealand dollar as affecting the industry. “Imports have become cheaper and the export prices of our own products have become more expensive as a consequence. Supply fluctuations and market manoeuvrings have allowed these cheaper imports, principally from New Zealand, to bully our premium, PGI branded products for the prime places on the supermarket shelves.”

It was recognised that HCC and the Welsh Government’s support, as well as resources from European funding had helped to develop internationally recognised brands that have resisted falling prices.

“As we move towards 2016, and more inevitable market volatility, HCC’s cross-industry support and marketplace experience will enable work towards the maximum returns for all of the resources available to combat and better the expected volatilities of the global marketplace,” Davies concluded.