Consumers advised over Christmas turkeys
Published:  01 December, 2015

Paul Kelly, managing director of Kelly Turkeys, has told customers that a fully mature small-strain turkey produces greater value to the consumer than a larger breed of turkey killed earlier on. 

He said that butchers ought to consider customer gratification from their Christmas turkey, as well as the price. His claims were based on a comparison between a small strain grown to 20 weeks and a larger strain killed at 10 to 12 weeks, with the SuperMini hen and large-breed commercial hen both weighing 4.7kg, or 10.3lb.

“The carcase shape says it all and the section through the breast lobe even more so,” said Kelly. “In this particular instance there was 48% more breast meat on our SuperMini. So while a top-end turkey may cost twice as much per kg, once you take the number of servings into account, it is only circa 30% more expensive.

“A fully mature bird will taste better and produce an amazing gravy. If a customer comes away from Christmas lunch really satisfied, then the extra money does provide great value.”

Turkey joint comparison

The difference between a SuperMini breast [left] and large breed breast can be quite significant