British meat hits French menus
Published:  02 December, 2015

Quality Standard Mark (QSM) beef and lamb will soon be found in bistros and restaurants in two of Europe’s key cities. 

The Lebey Guide is a manual that, for the first time, lists the best bistros in Paris and London, with a focus on meat, and is printed in both French and English.

“The Lebey Guide presents an opportunity to place home-grown beef and lamb in the centre of the menus of Parisian restaurants, and its presence in the guide will raise the profile of our produce,” said Remi Fourrier, AHDB Beef & Lamb’s export manager for France.

Included within the guide are AHDB Beef & Lamb cut charts, produce pictures and carcase guides, which highlight the contributing factors towards making high-quality beef and lamb reared on home-soil.

The Lebey Guide was launched at an event held in the French embassy last week, opened by French Ambassador Sylvie Bermann.

During the showcase, AHDB Beef & Lamb foodservice project manager Hugh Judd prepared cannons of beef sirloin and cannons of lamb for guests from both sides of the Channel to sample.

“Many French people already enjoy our meat, given that one in five lambs produced in the UK is exported across the Channel,” added Fourrier.

“But, by being featured in the Lebey Guide, the produce is being placed alongside some of the two countries’ finest dining establishments and chefs, reaffirming its premium reputation.”